Stephen Griffiths - Dinas Powys Councillor



Hello, my name is Stephen Griffiths and I am a Conservative Councillor for Dinas Powys. I have lived on Greenfield Avenue since 2012, with my long suffering, non-Tory(!) partner. I'm a fluent Welsh speaker, and work in the Technology sector in Cardiff Bay.

You may recognise me as an admin on the Dinas Powys Chat Facebook Group.

I have assisted numerous residents during the last five years at both a Community and County Councillor level. I believe the residents you represent come first; and your political allegiences a remote second.

If you wish to contact me, please do so using the following methods:

Casework that I have undertaken on behalf of my constituents include:

  • Social & housing queries/disputes and resolution.
  • Traffic speeding on Pen-Y-Turnpike
  • December 2020 Flooding & Response.
  • Parking disputes.
  • Litter clearing.

Public Endorsements

"Thank goodness for Councillors like Stephen who don't just sit on their hands but take an active part in the continued enhancement of our village."
Mr. P. McQuiston
"I’ve found Stephen to be an excellent local councillor since I moved to Dinas Powys two years ago. He's been highly responsive and proactive on issues such as speeding, litter and drainage. Although I'm not a 'Conservative voter' I won't hesitate to vote for Stephen as a local council candidate - which I think speaks volumes!"
Mr. Gwilym Davies
"Thank you to Stephen for resolving parking issues that we had outside our property."
Kathleen Lewis